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How We Work

You have a couple of options, depending on what you prefer. You can either order through our shop or complete our order request form below. If you have seen something you like, and want to chat about it in more detail or want to discuss your ideas and theme, or quite simply don't know where to start, then arrange a consultation. Consultations are free and we are very friendly! Call Teresa on 07775 611911



Samples can be ordered by hitting the "Order Sample" button on the bottom left of a design you want. You will be taken through the payment gateway and charged the cost of 1 invitation, this will be taken off all orders placed over £100. You will be charged £1.50 for postage. If you are wanting more than one sample please put these through separately otherwise you will pick up the courier charge. Alternatively if you are looking for something bespoke, cannot see the invitation you like in the shop or want us to put it through for you manually please get in contact.  

Order our existing portfolio online - 3 easy steps:  

1) Choose your invitation or design, font, wording option and if you wanted; a printed decorative element. Some designs have card and ribbon choices too.  

2) Once an order has been placed you will receive a confirmation email within 48hrs. Here you will be sent a link to make your font and wording options. You will then email these choices with the missing detail such as names, venue etc along with any guest information you want to include.

3) We then send you a PDF to proof and confirm before we go into full production. Please note that once the PDF's have been proofed any re-prints due to type errors will be at the cost of the client.


Wedding Timings 

You can either opt to sort all your invitations and "on the day" stationery out at the same time or do them separetly. Most people find it easier to do it all in one hit, but either way is suitable. We deal with the stationery in date sequence, so we treat the save the date, invitations and "on the day" stationery as separate orders, so you don't need  to pay and decide upon everything upfront.


Generally speaking, it is good practice to send your invitations out about 4 months before the big day, this gives the guests time to reply and arrange travel and accommodation. We recommend that if the Wedding is in a holiday season or on a week day you give 5 months. Alternatively you could send out save the dates cards which typicaly go out a year before. This is of course only a guideline and it is totally down to your preference or circumstances. We do have options, such as our simply printed range, for those wanting a quick turnaround.

Once your order is received we will then reply in 48hrs to confirm your order. Don't worry if you don't know everything at this point, we will either email or call to go through the detail. 

Once you have chosen your font and wording options along with any ribbon or card that may be relevant, we send out a PDF for you to proof. This is usually done within 5 days of the confirmation of the order. We are happy to send a free sample out once an order is placed. Once the proof(s)/sample has been confirmed and a 50% deposit has been recieved, we then start to process. We then complete the order within a 6 week period and when the remaining balance is paid we despatch the goods out.


We suggest you contact us at least 8 weeks before you intend to send your invitations out. Special arrangements can be made if a faster turnaround is required, depending on circumstance. However, this cannot guaranteed. We schedule work in and prefer not to rush and compromise the finish. You can choose from our simply printed designs if you required something faster.


Once your invitations have gone out, we suggest that you contact us no later than 6 weeks before the actual Weding to sort out your "on the day" stationery, such as Order of Service, menus, table plans etc. If you ordered this when you ordered your invitations, we will automatically contact you approximately 8 weeks before the Wedding, in order to start compiling the detail and artwork. Again, once the order has been confirmed, PDF's will be sent for you to proof within a week. After confirmation and a 50% deposit is received we start to process. We will then complete the order within a 3 week period. When the final balance is paid we will despatch the goods.  


Baby Timings 

Typically speaking, baby invitations such as Christening or  a Naming Day Ceremony, don't need to go out in as much advance, we recommend you send them out about 6 weeks before the date and contact us 3 weeks before you intend to send them out. Again this is only a guideline. If you opt for our simple and sweet printed designs, we turn around within a week. The rest of the process is exactly the same as Weddings.


There are 3 ways to pay, via the online shop through paypal or debit/credit card or through bank transfer or cheque.

A 50% deposit is required before we can start to process a job. Unless you request differently we we create separate orders for the before the day and on the day stationery, which means you can spread payments out.

Please note that if you are ordering via the shop, payments are required in full.  

Returns - Please note that due to the fact stationery is personalised, it cannot be returned or refunded. Once an order had been placed you are entering a contract with Uberfly. Total payment is required before delivery or collection of goods. If an order is cancelled for what ever reason and work has commenced, full payment will still be due. 


Samples are posted via Royal Mail and all other deliveries are shipped through an overnight signed courier service.

Posting your invitations - most of our invitations will require a large letter stamp which is valid for items up to 353mm long; 250mm wide;25mm thick and 100g weight. If you are unsure either take them to your local post office or call us for advice.

Whichever way you choose, you will sure to get a fabulous and professional service - we deal with bride and grooms to be Mums, Dad's, Sisters, Brothers, Aunties, Uncles and Grand parents all over the UK and always get great feedback!